Angel Olsen = GOAT

Angel Olsen, a fan favorite among folk straddlers. A new voice for women of the folk persuasion. She tantalizes the audience and instagram followers with her chicanery and vintage charm. Her short rockabilly bangs and flair for couture fashion. I first heard Angel as I was randomly visiting the jagjaguwar website which I’d discovered upon hearing Jaguar Ma for the first time and was delightfully surprised by the post-modern usage of the term jaguar – a quintessential animal in Mexican folklore and culture. Who can forget the apocalypto scene in which the lead bro escapes his death through cunning and device. It was something out of a James Bond film.



In any event, Angel’s boyish face leapt out at me as if I’d arranged the meeting myself. She sang ‘come on, kiss me, hold me tight’ without a grueling monicker and such that it trickled down the nape of my neck like a drop down a leaf. As she stood on the top of the car with her out-of-date music equipment, I gripped the edge of my realspace PRO office chair and rubbed my fingers through my hair only to repeat the gesture on the bulge of my chin. What finer specimen of women rocker, I thought, “this one is a star”. I call ’em like I see em. How shameful that only now do I have the pretense to give her her due. It must have been the endless repeats of “lights out” her soulful ballad off of her debut album- perhaps the real reason why I’ve come to write this blog post. The song is a simple Johnny Cash Tribute, but sung to a young man whose desires may be unfounded or ill advised. She serenades with the patience and soft spokenness of someone who may have had more than a few run ins with guys like this. I know this girl, I thought.

My first real crush was on a girl just like this, and she never let me forget it. This is a girl who never lets her emotions get the best of her; plays it cool at every stop; She preys on men who are just the opposite. The men who casually stroll in and stroll out. The men who are there one minute, gone the next; the men who pay more attention to their eye-frames than to the scent of the company he keeps. I think it’s fair to say that Angel has taken a backseat in this romantic horror show. But enough about me.

Now, if only I had the spare change to buy myself a nice copy.



I don’t use spotify because it is a bane on the existence of artists everywhere.

Walk on by – a song

Thundercat’s Walk on By is a soft and psychedelic song from his new album, Drunk. Thundercat’s vocals are very soothing as he sings about wanting to get drunk in company as opposed to being alone and combing through his personal cul-de-sacs. The dissonance of the guitar compliments the mood of the lyrics. He is singing from desperation in a world without resolve until he finally realizes that he’s putting his baby on quicksand, and she don’t want to be a part of it. Rotating his eye inwards to catch a glimpse of how he really feels; he’s drunk away half his brain so he relies mostly on his female company to do the thinking for him; and it’s bringing him down, and it’s bringing her down to him because she’s now figured out the truth.

Kendrick’s rhyme is like a lever to turn the personal details into a broader problem that goes around the world and lands back in everyone’s lap. It sounds fragmented and not in line with most of Kendrick’s other flows that have a very clear consistency. One line that evades me is “When the line becomes thin: be a killer or fireman”; There is a lot of angst in this rhyme; I don’t say that to allude to some meta gangster post angst stuff, but to identify a new kind of angst: the angst of a successful rapper who has grown bored of imagery and “hook material” to bend their bones in favor of choppy syntax and non-sequiturs. It’s new, poignant, and certainly catchy and I can’t help but blush severely at the abruptness of the final line !





5 Ways to get ahead at work

  1. Set your clocks in the right direction. This means waking up early and getting to bed early. When I say early, I mean 9:30 lights out and waking up at 6:00 A.M. That’s a solid 9 hours of sleep.
  2. Show up for work EARLY. You want to get to work at least 15 minutes early every shift and I’ll tell you why. Because getting to work early shows that you want to work.
  3. Eat a healthy breakfast. A bowl of cereal is not a healthy breakfast. Healthy means grains, fruits, dairy and meat.
  4. The workweek is stressful, so make plans to leave town for a few days every couple weeks. Recharge your batteries and unwind somewhere new!
  5. Work is a great place to make contacts not just for covering your shifts while you hit up the pool party with the hot DJ but for finding solid references for your next big Jay – OH – BEE

Dirty Projectors Release New Single “Little Bubble”

Dirty projectors have released a new single entitled “little bubble” which captures the R&B spirit of previous releases. It’s delicate melody conjures images of Dave Longsreth waking up from a lucid dream-state in a cold apartment and spiraling into an existential malaise. It is the first single in a while for the songwriter and is out now via Domino.

Vegan or Vegetarian

So, what exactly is the difference between vegan and vegetarian?

Vegan is the practice of abstaining from the use of animal products. In short, it rejects the commodity status of animals. In practice this means throwing out your eggs in addition to your $2000 Helmet Lang leather jacket as well as butter, yogurt, milk, meats, cheeses, etc. Ethical Vegans extend the practice into other areas of their lives i.e. beauty products or other animal products like beeswax or soap. The reasons for adopting a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle could range from practicing compassion towards living creatures to contending that animal products are environmentally damaging and unsustainable. Lastly, since meat is so expensive, a vegetarian diet could help save money in the long run.

No animal products means no protein, so you’ll have to find good sources of protein elsewhere. Some kinds of healthy proteins are lentils, beans, soy and quinoa (Be careful when eating soy, as too much can cause as much damage as eating too much meat!) Vegan diets are very high in fiber, magnesium, folic acid, vitamin C, E and Iron, but they’re low in vitamin B12, so you might want to supplement that with iron to avoid fatigue or depression. Now, the great thing about becoming vegan, besides impressing your friends and family with your savage knowledge of organic nutrition, is that it doesn’t have to happen overnight. In other words, the best way to become vegan is to slowly introduce plant based foods into your diet.

Another interesting thing about vegetarian and vegan diets is it’s impact on mood. According to a  2012 study in Nutrition Journal, omnivorous diets contain more arachidonic acid which can alter neurological changes that affect your mood. On the flip side, a vegan diet might not get you all the vitamins you need and that could cause depression or resulting negative mood as well.

“Vegetarian” is a loaded term and can be a bit confusing. There are several schools of vegetarianism and each exclude meat on the basis of respect for sentient life. What’s more, such ethical motivations range from religious doctrine to animal rights advocacy. But there are a whole host of reasons for becoming vegetarian including health-related, political, environmental, cultural, aesthetic, economic or personal preference.

Here are the different varieties of vegetarian and vegan diets:

Ovo: Allows consumption of eggs, but no dairy products
Lacto: Includes dairy products, but excludes eggs
Ovo-lacto: Does not eat meat, but does consume animal products such as eggs and dairy
Vegan: excludes all animal products
Raw Vegan: excludes all products of animal origin and food cooked above 48 degrees F
Fruitarianism: Consists entirely of fruits and nuts or seeds without animal products
Hindu: Usually lacto vegetarian, and may include eggs and meat in favor of Jhatka
Buddhist: Buddha allowed pork, chicken and fish under certain circumstances. The Mahayana traditions forbid eating flesh of any kind
Jain: vegetarian, excluding onions, potatoes, brinjals and garlic
Pescetarian: Lacto-Ovo diet with the addition of fish and shellfish