The World is a Strange Place

Late in 2015 I decided to make a very bold move towards a particular nameless woman. This woman (whose identity will not be revealed) currently resides in New York City. I hadn’t talked to this woman in sometime and so I went ahead and strapped my bootstraps on, and made a very blatant show of desire for her over social media. At that time, she had been taking strides with a particular gentlemen for a time of about 3 years, give or take. I had always had a strong passion for this woman. She’s elegant, sophisticated, playful and ambitious. Her boyfriend on the other hand seemed a bit off. Though he seemed like a good fit, there was a childish evil in his face that I couldn’t quite pinpoint. So, after sending her pokes and harmless messages on snapchat, I decided to wait until she came to San Diego to make a very public gesture of friendliness. However, before that happened, things got a little strange. Her first visit, she was bombarded with invitations on her insta and I couldn’t quite get a chance to invite her out. So I had to wait until her next visit which was about 6 months later. During this time, I started to feel a strange paranoia that I was being followed. I don’t have any history of paranoia or schitzo episodes so I knew that something was off. I started to receive very strange telephone calls to my home, from unknown numbers that sounded like gunshots. I also received strange emails and blank vans started to appear parked near my house. I couldn’t make heads or tails of anything but any idiot would be keen enough to know that it had to do with her disgruntled boyfriend. I knew he came from money; that would explain a lot, but the scale and power of hiring people to follow me and watch my every move was something sinister. I then concluded that he was connected to a powerful underground organization; either the cosa nostra or the cartel. I became interested in his reach of surveillance and paranoia and thereafter concluded that his father was a very powerful englishman involved in illegal trade organizations. I became frightened; terrified to be perfectly honest. I decided to lay low for a while and enrolled in a teacher training program that placed me in Santee, California where they couldn’t find me. I clenched my teeth in that program until my gums bled; Not only did I have an aversion to the small town isolationist NRAism of Santee, but I couldn’t stand to see my pride held down by some rich punk kid of a human trafficking dynasty. I became befuddled. I was beside myself trying to figure out how to get back into my normal rhythms while sticking the middle finger to this onslaught of dirty wealth and power. I stood my ground, fought through the fear and returned to regular life.

It was during this time that they broke up. I took a job at amazon and waited for my sweet darling to return to San Diego. She went to LA. I couldn’t believe it. There I was, waging war against the evil head of underground human indecency and wrath, and my little angel was boarded up in LA with equally abysmal debutants. I knew that if I came for her, his henchman would’ve gunned me down on that lonely strip of highway between here and LA. I couldn’t bear to delete myself without having seen her again in the warmth. I gritted my teeth again, this time chipping my teeth and nursing a festering wound in my heart and in my pride. I became sullen and my thoughts became grotesque and rampant with madness. The vans increased in number and my website suddenly crashed. All I wanted to was to see her face again.


To be continued…


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